Process Engineering

Lee has an engineering team for every step of the process, dedicated to delivering a process solution customized for your product.

Applications Engineering

Develop a conceptual design.

Our full Applications EngineeringDepartment has years of experience in reviewing application needs. Ourexpertise can help to improve your process by providing solutions tomixing and compounding challenges. Our vast experience in the Food &Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Cosmetics, Animal Food &Health, and Industrial & Chemical Processing industries is at yourdisposal while developing the initial conceptual design.

Developmental Engineering

Progress from concept to a detailed specification.

Askilled team of developmental engineers work with the applicationsengineers, as well as our suppliers, to convert what began as aconceptual idea into a detailed specification that is ready to bedesigned and fabricated. Mapping the progression of the fabricationthrough our manufacturing facility, and developing the costing structurefor quoting purposes, are just a few of the many roles ourdevelopmental engineers play in the production of your high qualitycustom processing equipment.

Design Engineering

Create a blueprint and approve design.

A full designengineering staff, equipped with the latest technology and software,works to transform your custom equipment from concept to reality byproducing a full set of fabrication blueprints for approval.  Theapproval process allows you the unique opportunity to review the vesseldesign and discuss any necessary changes before the equipment ismanufactured, ensuring that you get the best equipment for yourprocessing needs.

Manufacturing Engineering

Build your custom designed process equipment.

Our elitemanufacturing engineering team, along with our highly skilled craftsmen,begin to shape stainless steel into your custom designed processequipment. Our engineering teams work together daily with a common goalof improving designs that will ultimately provide a better, moreefficient process leading to increased flexibility and profits for ourcustomers.

No matter what the application, contact us to discover how our design and crafting experience can improve your process and products.

Everything you need to succeed.

design or process engineer at work
In addition to the engineering services listed above, Lee Industries has modern production facilities, fabricating processes, and experienced craftsmen to ensure a seamless integration into your operation. This is why we confidently state that Lee produces the highest quality crafted custom process systems and equipment in the world.